New Products

Xiris releases solution for imaging pulsed welds


Xiris Automation Inc. released a triggering solution to make it easier to capture images of pulsed welding processes. The Camera Trigger Kit is an easy-to-integrate product compatible with any Xiris weld camera and can be quickly installed on any welder for the user to control image timing using WeldStudio software. The software, provided with each… Continued

Weldcote’s new grinding wheels


Weldcote introduces a new line of right-angle grinder wheels are for grinding on high-quality steel. These Japanese-designed, Thailand-manufactured wheels are contaminant free of iron, sulfur and chlorine. They are available in Inox-Prime Plus and Zirconia Prime. Made with unique manufacturing including high-end grains, these wheels range in size from 4 1/2-in. to 7-in. Type 27.… Continued

PTG introduces friction stir welding for EVs


Precision Technologies Group (PTG) introduced a number of Powerstir dual weld-head friction stir welding models specifically for use in the volume production of automotive battery tray floor assemblies from extruded aluminum panels. Aimed directly at manufacturers of skateboard chassis structures, the dual weld-head process ensures that a tight weld flatness tolerance is achieved during battery… Continued

Compact, lightweight welders from ESAB

ESAB lighweght

ESAB Welding and Cutting Products introduces its EM 210 MIG/flux-cored welder and EMP 210 MIG/stick/TIG welder. These inverter-based power sources deliver professional-grade power for most auto/truck repair and restoration, light fabrication and construction and HVAC work. These units feature digital controls typically found on industrial machines and use power management technology that delivers positive arc… Continued

New gas-shielded flux-cored wires from Hobart


Hobart introduced FabCO 91K2-M gas-shielded flux-cored wire to accompany its reformulated FabCO 91K2-C wire. Both wires are for single- or multi-pass, all-position welding on offshore, shipbuilding, heavy equipment and structural fabrication applications. The FabCO 91K2-C wire is classified to AWS A5.29 Specification for Low-Alloy Steel Electrodes for Flux-Cored Arc Welding as an E91T1-K2C J H4 wire for use with 100 percent… Continued

Lincoln Electric offers new welders/generators

Frontier 400X

Lincoln Electric’s new Frontier 400X diesel engine-driven welders feature a compact and rugged design. Powered by a 24.7-hp, turbocharged Perkins diesel engine, the unit delivers 400 amps of welding output and 11 kW of 1/3 phase auxiliary power to run tools on the jobsite. It features an impact-rated digital user interface for good machine control… Continued

Norton’s felt polishing discs

Norton|Saint-Gobain Abrasives Rapid Polish felt polishing discs feature premium quality, pressed, hardened, thick felt material for creating smooth surfaces with single digit Ra and mirror finish shine. At 2,000 to 3,000 RPM, the discs stay cool and do not produce vibration, ensuring optimal finishes. Soft felt material makes the discs ideal for final finishing. They… Continued

Lincoln Electric announces new wire feeder

Lincoln Electric released its new Activ8x Pipe portable wire feeder. Designed with weld processes specifically optimized for pipe welding, the wire feeder allows welders to take the company’s root-to-cap weld processes – including STT Field and Pulsed MIG – out to the jobsite or right of way. The rugged and compact design provides durability to withstand the… Continued

Weldcote expands welding helmet line

Weldcote offers new models of its Ultraview Plus and Klearview helmets and a new Econoview line. Ultraview Plus helmets feature an optical clarity classification of 1/1/1/1 along with an improved viewing area of 3.94 in. by 3.28 in. The helmets feature cutting edge graphics in three versions. Klearview helmets offers a 3.94 in. by 2.36… Continued

Amada Weld Tech offers spot welding power supply

Amada Weld Tech’s DC-H3000A DC spot welding power supply is for high-precision micro-joining applications. It is for use in the medical device industry and other applications where the highest levels of accuracy, process control and traceability are required. The switching system architecture of the power supply provides high levels of DC current purity with ultra-low… Continued

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