New Products

Xiris introduces thermal camera

Xiris Automation Inc. launched the XIR-1800 thermal camera system for critical metal joining processes and additive manufacturing. It provides enhanced imaging of key weld zones such as the melt pool, deposited material and surrounding base material in greater detail than standard thermal or visible light cameras – even in harsh environments of smoke, fumes and… Continued

New TIG welder from EMW

The Tetrix XQ 230 welder from EWM allows the user to choose from numerous TIG and MMA functions. Up to four pulse variants are available. The welder can be run directly from a single-phase 230 V power socket and is available in DC and AC/DC variants. Materials that can be welded include low- and high-alloy… Continued

ESAB’s releases wire for offshore and pipe

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products introduced Coreshield 71T-8 OS, a self-shielded flux-cored wire for all-position welding of critical structural applications, such as TKY joints in offshore construction, pipe structures, bridges and storage tanks. It features a diffusible hydrogen content lower than 8 ml/100 g and provides excellent low-temperature impact toughness. As-welded mechanical properties include a… Continued

Miller’s converter for submerged arc welding

Miller Electric Mfg. LLC introduced a new SubArc digital converter for field applications, including above-ground storage tank construction, shipbuilding and bridge construction. The converter enables the use of digital SAW accessories, such as the 3-wheel tractor and digital control, with expanded equipment including Big Blue welder/generators and Dimension 650 welding power sources. Enhanced digital communication allows for more… Continued

AWS offers new CWI prep option

The American Welding Society (AWS)’s two-week, in-person seminar package for certified welding inspector (CWI) exam training includes instruction by credentialed CWIs and certified welding educators (CWEs). Students receive early receipt of the code book, tools and study materials, and daily lunch. Two seminar and exam sessions are scheduled: Sept. 27-Oct. 8, 2021 with the exam… Continued

Miller releases power system for trucks

Miller Electric Mfg. LLC’s new EnPak A60 power system provides integrated multi-process welding, battery charge/crank assist, compressed air, hydraulic power and electric power for Class 5 and above truck configurations. It offers up to 325 amps at 100 percent duty cycle of output to meet welding and machining needs in the field, including line boring, structural repair… Continued

Tweco releases push-pull MIG torches

Tweco, an ESAB brand, launched MXH 315PP and MXH 420W PP push-pull MIG torches. These torches maintain constant wire tension between two sets of drive rolls: one set in the feeder and one set in the MXH torch. This solves common feeding problems such as wire slippage, erratic arc performances, wire burning back to the… Continued

Harris Products offers gas data tracking capabilities

Harris Products Group introduced DataSmart, a fully automatic switchover manifold system with monitoring, tracking and reporting capabilities that can control and maximize gas use and expenses. It provides users with data and analytical insights to improve efficiencies and reduce costs. The system is for a range of gas and pressures to suit a range of… Continued

New beam coping machine from HGG

HGG Group’s new RPC 1200 Mk3 beam coping machine has the capability to profile structural beams, angle bars, channels, square tubes, plates, T-bars and bulbs, and to cut and profile pipes. The machine provides fabricators an “all-in-one” 3-D plasma cutting robotic solution. It combines unique electronic measuring devices that compare the actual outside shape and… Continued

Lincoln Electric redesigns weld data monitoring

Lincoln Electric launched the fifth generation of its CheckPoint weld data monitoring solution. Features of the upgraded platform include improved dashboards that provide essential, industry-specific key performance indicators to track productivity, including trend projections, operating factor and real-time OEE calculations. Improved charting and graphing include dynamic data-point breakdowns and chart filters. Optimized reporting helps track… Continued

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