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Welding fume extraction from ULT

ULT’s Airtower welding fume extraction solution is based on the layer ventilation principle. Contaminated air is aspirated, filtered and then discharged as clean breathable air at ground level with no air drafts, providing high filtration of greater than 99.9 percent. Purified air is fed back into the working environment, and it can be used for… Continued

Yaskawa Motoman software for robots and PLCs

Yaskawa Motoman’s MLX300 software option is the newest generation of integration for Yaskawa robots and PLCs. The software enables operators to control and program Yaskawa robots in a standard PLC programming environment, eliminating the need to learn a specific robot programming language. All program execution is performed by the PLC; the motion control is handled… Continued

Plasma grate cutting from Soitaab

Soitaab USA Inc.’s new plasma grate cutting system is engineered for cutting interrupted surfaces such as steel or aluminum grating at high speeds. The process uses the Kjellberg Hotwire indirect plasma cutting system whereby a welding wire is automatically fed underneath the torch. This wire acts as the anode, completing the electrical circuit without a… Continued

Universal Robots launches welding cobot

Universal Robots developed the SnapWeld collaborative robotic MIG welding system with Arc Specialties Inc. The cobot-assisted, interactive welding system can be deployed flexibly in existing manual welding booths, eliminating the need for new robotic cells. The welding system integrated with the UR robot is comprised of a Profax wire feeder and water cooled torch enabling… Continued

Miller offers new welding helmets

Miller Electric Mfg. Co.’s new T94-R Series welding helmets are paired with a powered air purifying respirator. The Dualtec manifold system features six interior vents and dual air speeds for high-performance airflow output and maximized perceived cooling. The T94-R model has an external grind button for seamless weld-to-grind transitions; the T94i-R features an oversized integrated… Continued

Uniweld offers cutting torch for long runs

  Uniweld Products Inc.’s 30ATT-21 trigger torch can be locked on oxygen for long cutting runs, with an easy-to-flip off back-trip feature for trigger release. The low-profile trigger enables the torch to be pulled backward out of a containment with minimum snag possibilities. The torch is standard with a 90-degree head and 21 in. long.… Continued

Expanded mini flap discs from Weiler

Weiler mini flap

Weiler Abrasives Group enhanced its Tiger BobCat mini flap disc offerings for better performance and extended life. The discs are for grinding and finishing jobs in hard-to-reach areas and for weld blending or edge chamfering in metal fabrication. They operate best on steel, stainless steel, structural steel and cast iron. Featuring a threaded button “R”… Continued

Simufact’s welding process simulation


Simufact released Simufact Welding 7, the next version of its welding simulation software. Using solid shell elements, assemblies made of thin sheets can be calculated more quickly because the required number of elements in the model drops significantly. The parallel segment-to-segment calculation in the new solver allows faster and more efficient calculation of large models… Continued

Steelmax adds battery power to welding carriage

Steelmax 40005533

Steelmax Tools LLC added a battery-powered version of its Li’l Runner trackless fillet welding carriage to its welding automation solutions. The machine has four-wheel drive and magnetic adhesion. The standard and high-speed versions are capable of travel speeds up to 43 ipm and more than 80 ipm, respectively. The battery-powered version is for use where… Continued

Amada Miyachi develops laser welding center

Amada Miyachi America Inc. announced a new conveyorized laser processing center for laser welding and laser marking. The unit features an integrated flexible modular conveyor for maximum assembly flexibility. The center’s motion features a four-position conveyor and Z-axis with galvo head along with Delta Tau motion controls. Height sensors account for part and fixture variation.… Continued

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