New Products

Esco Tool offers cutter blades for quality welds

Esco Tool introduced MillHog Cutter Blades for its line of portable pipe beveling machines that pull a thick chip without cutting oils to promote high weld integrity. The blades feature sharp edges and a radical chipbreaker that can bevel the pipe OD, create a flat face and bore the ID simultaneously without cutting oils. Available in 37-1/2-degree… Continued

ESAB’s new TIG inverter available

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products’ Renegade ET 300iP DC TIG/stick inverter is available to ship in the United States and Canada. The inverter produces a top output of 300 amps at 40 percent duty cycle, weighs 37 lbs. and measures 12.6 in. by 7.8 in. by 18.11 in. It connects to 230-V, 1-phase power and… Continued

Camfil offers dust collector for welding

Camfil APC offers the Zephyr III portable dust collector for facilities that perform maintenance welding or intermittent production welding. The plug-and-play collector captures airborne particles including welding/soldering fumes, grinding dusts and dry dusts. The three-stage filtration system includes a primary spark trap, a Gold Cone HemiPleat filter and a carbon after filter. With an adjustable,… Continued

BorNiGuard’s ceramic anti-spatter

Reduce consumables and downtime while improving quality with BorNiGuard’s new ceramic coating technology. The ceramic anti-spatter dries quickly to a durable coating that resists spatter more effectively than traditional oil and gels. The anti-spatter spray extends the life of cutting and welding tips by two times the amount of gels and oils and reduces machine… Continued

Semi-flexible grinding discs from Pferd

Pferd Inc. offers CC-Grind-Flex semi-flexible grinding discs that blend weld seams on large surfaces without leaving dents or bumps typical of a rough grinding wheel or fiber disc. This is due to the disc design that integrates a layered fiberglass backer with a high-performance coated abrasive. The geometry of the cooling slits ensures high air… Continued

Bug-O names director of sales and marketing

Bug-O Systems announced Scott Thayer joined the company as director of sales and marketing. Thayer brings nearly 30 years of experience in the welding industry and already has a strong knowledge of the company’s products. In addition to his sales experience, he is a certified welding inspector as well as a certified welding educator.

New helmet graphic from Miller

new welding helmet graphic

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. announced the addition of the Cat 2nd edition graphic to the Digital Infinity Series lineup. The welding helmets provide a viewing area of 13.4 sq. in. The headgear with oversized comfort cushion offers extensive adjustability settings and improved support for better fit and comfort. The helmets also feature four arc sensors and four… Continued

LazerArc releases custom welding positioners

lazerarc custom welding positioner

LazerArc’s multi-axis welding positioner provides accuracy and flexibility and good index time. The dual trunnion position system utilizes a high-capacity “zero backlash” TMF rotary turntable for the 180-degree exchange, which creates accuracies of 9 arc seconds and repeatability of 2 to 3 arc seconds. The servo gear heads for the dual trunnion headstocks allow for a 2-sec., 180-degree rotation… Continued

Hobart’s new metal-cored wire

hobart fabcor edge

Hobart’s FabCor Edge metal-cored wire improves deposition rates and travel speeds and features low spatter levels. It is well-suited for applications in robotic and mechanized welding, heavy equipment manufacturing, agriculture, transportation and mining applications, and for welding non-alloyed and fine grain steels. The wire reduces the time spent on secondary operations, such as anti-spatter application… Continued

Improving vocational training with mixed reality app

Mixed reality education provider zSpace announced a partnership with Mimbus, a provider of vocational training solutions, to offer a new welding application and handheld simulator to ensure schools offer students the latest advancements in welding training. Called Wave NG, the application uses zSpace’s mixed reality environment to give students hands-on training with welding procedures, MAG… Continued

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