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March 2019

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March 2019

Our March issue is now live, and the team at Welding Productivity is excited for readers to dive in. A good place to start is with our cover article, “Top Gun,” which discusses the various ways military veterans can gain a solid footing on a path toward a career in welding.

Speaking of training, we also included an insightful article about identifying areas in the shop where you can improve efficiencies, including material handling, gas supply systems, maintenance, deposition rates and overwelding. Continuing the theme of shoring up inefficiencies, we talk to industry experts about new consumables that offer longer life in plasma cutting systems. We also take a fresh look at an old method of joining material with an in-depth article about how to achieve a quality wire weld. And finally, if you haven’t looked into the sophisticated joining method called friction stir welding, you’ll enjoy our piece on the topic, which explains the process and why it’s gaining momentum.

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HFT updates weld purge monitor

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques launched an updated hand-held PurgEye 200 weld purge monitor, now with PurgeNet. The portable device has an organic light emitting diode display for brighter, clearer and sharper readings. The monitor can operate from long life rechargeable batteries or mains power. Along with louder, presettable audio alarms for rising or falling oxygen levels,… Continued

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