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August 2020

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August 2020

So far, 2020 has been a real doozy, but the team at Welding Productivity is proud to announce that the August issue is now live. Knowing that increased productivity is paramount in these uncertain times, we hope that you can check out our cover article, which lays out the various ways that robots can be much more flexible and useful than ever before. In that vein, we also feature an article that lays out a myriad of common-sense tips for welders of almost every skill level.

For those that rely on plasma cutting technology, there’s an article in this issue for that, too. It discusses the advances that plasma cutters have seen throughout the years and also highlights further advancements that are available now and on the horizon. To round things out, there’s an article focused on aluminum welding and how to best adhere to welding codes and performance requirements.   

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Robotic welding cell from Fronius

Fronius USA LLC’s FRW robotic welding cell welds many components, increases productivity and delivers a ROI within a reasonable period of time. There are three types of welding cell to choose from, with the difference lying in the design of the rotary positioners. Robots, positioners and controls are installed on a single platform, which facilitates… Continued

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