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November 2020

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November 2020

The new issue of Welding Productivity is now live. This edition features two welders who are torching the norm – both of them are women involved in the American Welding Society’s Arc 2 Art initiative and are proving that welding isn’t just for men.

We also take a deep dive into MIG welding, focusing on how revisiting some basics can help improve weld quality. From having the proper gas mixture to getting the voltage right – taking everything into account is important for successful welding. Speaking of being more successful, we also get the inside scoop from an industry expert about how planning ahead can improve welding outcomes.

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Coldwater Machine releases material joining calculator

Coldwater Machine Co. offers its “Will it Meld” calculator on its website to help companies determine if various materials can be joined by its SpinMeld rotary friction welding systems. To use the calculator, users visit https://www.coldwatermachine.com/will-it-meld/ and select two materials from a drop-down list of more than 35 substances to see if they have a… Continued

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