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June 2020

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June 2020

The team at Welding Productivity is proud to announce that the June issue is now live. For aspiring welders or welders that would like to advance their skills, there’s a lot to check out. For starters, our cover article features a joining engineer at Ford Motor Co. that gives budding welders an idea of what their future career could look like. We also included an article on a company in Louisiana that is committed to helping individuals in disadvantaged communities get the training they need to launch lucrative careers in welding.

For anyone running robotic welding equipment, there is an article about a new welding interface that was developed to address the regional ways that welding is approached around the world. And for anyone that just likes big ambitious welding projects, there’s an article about a new bridge in Chicago that opened new access to the shores of Lake Michigan. The bridge’s design won multiple awards, and the welding involved was impressive to say the least.

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Esco’s flange facing tool

Esco Tool introduced the Flange Hog 110 flange facing tool that eliminates the need to cut pipe and replace flanges when replacing valves in virtually any flanged piping system. It requires only about a 10-in. opening between flanges and refaces damaged RF and FF gasket seats on flanges with a phonographic finish. Creating a finish that meets… Continued

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