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February 2020

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February 2020

The February issue of Welding Productivity is now live, and our editorial team is proud to share a collection of articles with you that are geared to increase your productivity and keep you informed on new developments in the industry. The issue kicks off with an article on critical documentation, an important aspect of welding that dictates the accuracy and reliability of a weld. Similarly, there is an article that covers the wide range of consumables and filler metals that are available to welders and how to choose the options that will deliver the best results.

As the industry continues to face a labor shortage, the issue also includes an article on affordable, approachable automation. To round things out, there is news of a new breakthrough in nanotechnology that will be of major interest to those in aerospace manufacturing or anyone that is focused on the production of lightweight components.

Latest News

New respirator from Optrel

Optrel announced the e3000X powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR), which is certified to the highest class of breathing protection, removing 99.8 percent of harmful airborne participles to deliver clean, filtered breathing air to welders. The respirator delivers three levels of airflow (240, 210 or 170 L per min.) at twice the efficiency of previous models for… Continued

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