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October 2020

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October 2020

The new issue of Welding Productivity is now live, and in this edition, we put a spotlight on shipbuilding. Given that the earth’s surface is 71 percent water, it’s easy to see how the shipbuilding market is projected to exceed $175 billion by 2025.

In this issue, two major shipbuilders are featured, including Newport News Shipbuilding, which has a 130-year history of fortifying its local workforce with the skills and support it needs to create long-lasting economic strength. Another shipbuilder, Seaspan Vancouver Drydock, adopted an innovative robotic welding system, and our article details the process and the advantages gained.

For those invested in MIG welding, we have two articles that will interest you, including one on MIG safety and another on tips professionals offer for more productivity – from choosing the right gun to the role of consumables. Finally, we target popular robotic welding processes and how arc welding, resistance welding and joining dissimilar metals are all possible using robotics.

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Wire Wizard Welding Products introduced its first catalog dedicated to submerged arc welding and large-wire solutions. The catalog includes the full line of products for submerged arc welding and large wire, including mechanical turntables, guide modules for large wire, large wire conduit, wire pilot feed assists and the PowerBall SAW torch utilizing a patented long-lasting,… Continued

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