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August 2019

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August 2019

The August issue of Welding Productivity magazine is live! In this edition, our team has focused on a broad spectrum of topics, from new technology that assists welders working in tight spaces to automated monitoring systems to ultrasonically welded cable lug joints that can reduce electrical resistance to provide more consistent performance than crimped lug joints.

We also take an insightful look at safety and effective communication on the jobsite. Nearly 40 years after the horrific skywalk collapse in a Hyatt Regency hotel in Kansas City, we highlight American Welding Society codes and the importance of understanding their content and how it is communicated to welders so disasters like the skywalk don’t happen again.

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Fume collector for plasma cutting from Camfil

Camfil APC’s Gold Series X-Flo (GSX) system collects and contains fumes generated by plasma cutting tables. The system is used in conjunction with a downdraft table to capture fumes at their source. It effectively processes fumes while maintaining a low pressure drop. The system is designed to pulse-clean more effectively to extend filter life, while… Continued

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