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July 2019

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July 2019

The July issue of Welding Productivity is now live, and the team here is thrilled to share it with you. In it, readers will get an overview of the oil and gas market and will learn how welding equipment and technologies are playing an essential role in the market’s success. Speaking of oil and gas, the team at Welding Productivity also got a chance to look inside a pipeline worker’s toolbox. We’re excited to offer readers a glimpse at what we found.

The issue also offers a case study on collaborative robots in a resistance welding setting as well as an article on how the American Welding Society compiles and disseminates health and safety information. To round things out, we included information on the benefits of big data analysis for the full range of welding operations.

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Fume collector for plasma cutting from Camfil

Camfil APC’s Gold Series X-Flo (GSX) system collects and contains fumes generated by plasma cutting tables. The system is used in conjunction with a downdraft table to capture fumes at their source. It effectively processes fumes while maintaining a low pressure drop. The system is designed to pulse-clean more effectively to extend filter life, while… Continued

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