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September 2020

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September 2020

In rural areas throughout America, farmers are prepping their harvest equipment, anticipating a healthy reaping of their crops. This month’s issue of Welding Productivity takes on a bit of a harvest theme as we look into how welding is a necessary and vital skill for workers on farms and ranches. We also delve into training with a report that focuses on a rural Nebraska school in the heart of America’s breadbasket where the educational programming prepares students for the many welding job opportunities out there today.

Direct metal deposition (DMD) gets a nod in our article that details how this method extends the capabilities of laser welding for fast and cost-effective repair applications. New plasma cutting technology is also featured in a piece about a Florida-based company that stays on top of the latest technologies to improve quality and throughput. 

Finally, quality control is a topic that job shops large and small continually invest in as they strive to reach goals. A product manager and engineer from Amada Weld Tech inform us about the latest process monitoring systems for laser weld quality control.

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The Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation Division of Parker Hannifin Corp. upgraded the SmogHog SHM Floor mist and smoke collector. A new motor/blower system increases reliability through a more robust industrial design. The relocated external control panel with touchscreen functionality is positioned at the side of the cabinet for greater visibility and easy access to… Continued

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