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January 2021

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January 2021

With 2020 in our rearview mirror, the team at Welding Productivity is excited to present our first issue for the new year. As the world continues to adjust to the pandemic, manufacturers looking for productivity gains to offset losses are streamlining their welding personnel and processes, which is something we investigate in our special report.

Fortunately, tips and advice to improve operations come in a slew of formats. As an example, we feature an article for all of the podcast junkies out there about Arc Junkies, a podcast that’s quite popular with veteran welders as well as those new to the job. We also bring the topic of safety to the forefront with an article about grinding wheels, as this common tool can be a source of injury.

Finally, we “clear the air” about methods used to keep the air quality in a job shop at high levels. With multiple welders working in a confined space, the fumes created need to be scrubbed from the air. This case study about a Nova Scotia-based manufacturer highlights how they tackled their welding fume problem.

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Weld analysis software from Olympus

Olympus released WeldSight companion PC software for the OmniScan X3 phased array (PA) flaw detector. Compatible with conventional ultrasonic testing, PA and time-of-flight diffraction (TOFD) acquired data, the software enables inspectors to perform thorough post-inspection analyses that comply with strict validation requirements of international standards. Experienced inspectors can perform advanced validation of indications using the… Continued

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