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Camfil offers oval replacement filters

Camfil APC introduced HemiPleat replacement filter cartridges to fit all oval industrial dust collectors. Synthetic beads hold the pleats open to expose more media to the airstream, increasing filter efficiency, lowering pressure drop and facilitating a better release of dust during pulse cleaning. Replacing filter cartridges with HemiPleat oval filters reduces a dust collector’s operating… Continued

Superior Abrasives’ discs for heavy weldments

Superior Abrasives LLC introduced Alpha-Kut quick-change discs for removing burrs, sharp edges, slag and other undesirable materials quickly. The discs have triangular, precision-formed abrasive grains that exhibit the continually self-sharpening properties and wear characteristics of ceramics, delivering a consistent cutting action over a long service life. They are for heavy material removal on hardened materials, such… Continued

CenterLine launches welding gun

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques (HFT)’s TEG-1000 tungsten electrode grinder with a diamond wheel produces clean and smooth finishes, with no splintering and eliminating arc jumping. The grinder provides repeatable tungsten electrode points every time, enabling consistent arc performance and welding results. Sizes 1.0 mm to 3.2 mm can be ground as standard, with other sizes catered… Continued

Kemper launches filter system

The WallMaster filter system from Kemper is a stationary unit with a large filter surface. The unit is suitable for filtering medium quantities of welding fumes and dust at up to two workplaces simultaneously. The filter surface of 42 sq. m is decisive in this respect. The system effectively separates ultra-fine particles with a size… Continued

Miller introduces all-in-one welder

Miller Electric Mfg. LLC offers the Multimatic 235 multi-process welding power source for manufacturing/fabrication, MRO, construction fabrication and education. Multi-process capabilities include MIG, flux-cored, stick, DC stick, DC Lift-Arc TIG and pulsed TIG welding. With up to 170 amps at 60 percent duty cycle, the machine provides the power needed to get jobs done faster.… Continued

Xiris releases weld camera interface

Xiris Automation Inc.’s latest version of WeldStudio software includes an MQTT interface that enables secure data communication between a Lincoln Power Wave welding power supply and a Xiris weld camera system. The interface allows welding data to be synchronized and displayed on screen and recorded for offline review with the weld camera video data. Each… Continued

Weldcote introduces welding machine

Weldcote introduced the MIG 200 Striker multi-purpose welding machine for steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Designed for MIG, TIG and stick welding, the welder is a small, dual-voltage (115 V or 230 Volt) unit with digital readouts that automatically identifies the power grid voltage and operates accordingly. The machine features a power factor corrector (PFC), which… Continued

Weiler Abrasives offers new flap discs

Weiler Abrasives released Tiger Aluminum flap discs featuring a paired flap design for grinding of aluminum. The design includes a top flap with a coating that prevents loading, provides a high cut rate and eliminates the need to apply wax or lubricant prior to grinding. Alternating flaps of self-sharpening zirconia aluminum grains offer aggressive material… Continued

Fronius adds pulse function to welder

Fronius USA LLC upgraded its TransSteel series with the addition of the pulse function to its TransSteel 3000 compact and TransSteel 4000 and 5000. The pulse mode makes it possible to bypass the intermediate arc, which is difficult to control and prone to spatter. The resulting reduction in spattering leads to up to 70 percent… Continued

ESAB expands stick electrodes line

For its Sureweld stick welding electrodes, ESAB Welding & Cutting Products expanded the number of grades available and packaged the 3/32-in.- and 1/8-in.-dia. electrodes in 1-lb. and 5-lb. resealable plastic tubes. Carbon steel electrodes grades include 7018, 6010, 6011, 6013, 7014 and 7024; stainless steel grades include 308L, 309L, 316L and 312. These grades are… Continued

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