Month: June 2021

Rex-Cut releases grinding wheel

Rex-Cut Abrasives’ Sigma Z grinding wheel blends rapid stock removal and operator control and is engineered for improved productivity. The high-performance wheel is for stainless steel, carbon steel, mild steel, galvanized steel and alloys. It boasts the highest metal removal rate out of the Sigma wheels. It also features cool grinding, extended wheel life and a… Continued

Nuburu awarded patent for copper welding

Nuburu was awarded a U.S. patent for blue laser applications of welding copper material and its alloys. This new patent is part of an additional seven patents that range across 3-D printing and material processing. “This new patent covers all forms of 3-D printing, welding and methods of opening up the keyhole using blue laser… Continued

Mechanix Wear launches welding glove line

Mechanix Wear’s Torch Welding Series gloves include a new fingertip design and high-wearing Durahide leather technology. Pulse TIG welding gloves feature glide-resistant side seam reinforcement for automotive, aerospace, manufacturing and construction welders. Cascade MIG welding gloves feature glide-resistant side seam reinforcement for automotive, manufacturing and construction welders. Flux Extended Gauntlet leather driver gloves feature an FR cotton liner and… Continued

Harris releases regulator for shielding gas

Harris Products Group’s Model 351 “zero” compensated flowmeter regulator for use with shielding gas protects the weld puddle against contamination from atmospheric air and other elements that can cause weld defects. The device utilizes a ball float and a variable area flowmeter to yield precise control of the welding gas. The control valve is strategically placed… Continued


Weiler Abrasives expanded its Tiger brand of abrasives to include cups, cones and plugs for metal fabrication, including fab shop, pipeline and shipyard applications. Tiger AO Type 11 cup wheels for grinders are precision balanced to ensure smooth, vibration-free operation and reduce operator fatigue, while wearing at the appropriate level to maximize grind rates. Designed… Continued

New face shields from Miller

Miller Electric Mfg. LLC launched a new series of face shields. Four lens options are available – clear, clear anti-fog, shade 3 and shade 5. The face shields are lightweight in design for all-day wear and comfort and are impact-resistant to increase durability and protection. In addition, each face shield features HDV technology to provide… Continued

Weldcote introduces welding machine 

Weldcote’s Striker 200 welding inverter for TIG and stick welding adopts the latest pulse width modulation technology and insulated gate bipolar transistors. Weighing 24.7 lbs., the machine is a dual voltage (115 V or 230 V) inverter unit with digital readouts that automatically identifies the power grid voltage and operates accordingly. The machine features power… Continued

ESAB improves flux formula

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products improved its OK Flux 10.99, an agglomerated neutral basic flux designed for submerged arc welding in heavy industrial environments. The enhanced formula of the flux works in combination with selected austenitic and nickel-based wires, performs equally well with either AC or DC current, and provides significantly improved slag release. Weldability… Continued

Lincoln Electric announces software update

Smart Positioner used with Weld Sequencer software

Lincoln Electric updated its Weld Sequencer process control solution. The update includes backend enhancements and functionality updates. A new license management method aims to streamline and automate the process. Users simply need to install Weld Sequencer version 1.15.2 or later to renew or activate new licenses. Users may now set weld procedures to have an… Continued

Airgas launches welding helmets

Airgas together with 3M released Radnor welding helmets and accessories featuring 3M Speedglas technology. The lightweight helmets feature comfortable headgear, large viewing areas and long battery life. Jason Grouette, vice president, USA & Canada, 3M personal safety division, said: “We’ve committed ourselves to developing products that help improve the productivity and comfort of welders while helping protect them… Continued

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