Month: May 2021

Servo-Robot offers 3-D robotic laser vision

Servo-Robot’s high-speed, compact 3-D robotic laser vision systems are for joint tracking, joint finding, weld inspection and adaptive welding. The systems ensure consistent weld quality by precisely positioning the wire in the joint. They are compatible with all welding processes and welding materials, including aluminum, stainless steel and other shiny alloys. Wi-fi communication can be… Continued

TiTech releases new trailing shields

TiTech Pro launched the Trailing Shield 2.0 for high-quality gas coverage. The shields provide an additional inert gas coverage during welding, preventing the hot metal from coming into contact with air while it cools. “Our latest Trailing Shield 2.0 come with superior performance and improved laminar gas flow to help you get the job done… Continued

HFT’s monitor for stainless steel welding

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques (HFT) offers the PurgEye 100 weld purge monitor that can read accurately down to 100 ppm. The monitor features an auto calibration at the touch of a button. It is IP65 rated for water and dust and also features a low sensor and low battery indicator. The large, easy-to-read digital screen lets… Continued

Air-cooled cobot MIG gun from Tregaskiss

Tregaskiss’ new BA1 cobot air-cooled MIG gun has a simple and durable design. The gun uses AccuLock R consumables and features metal-to-metal keyed connections that hold it in place in the mounting arm and keep the strong, aluminum armored neck firmly in place in the gun body. The gun has a user-friendly, easy-to-grip mounting arm and free-drive… Continued

Optrel announces PAPR system

Optrel’s new Swiss air-powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR) is a comfortable system that welders can use alone or with a helmet or hood. The 1.2-lb., low-profile PAPR is worn as a backpack with ergonomic shoulder harnesses that maximize freedom of movement. Controls and filter and battery indicators are front-mounted for easy visibility and access. The variable airflow is… Continued

Fronius releases robotic welding cell

Fronius presents the Handling-to-Welding robotic welding cell that joins parts of different geometries and materials. Two robots complete the job – the handling robot positions the workpieces, and the second robot performs the welding. This combination allows for maximum flexibility regarding part and batch sizes as well as seam geometries – even for angular parts.… Continued

Tweco launches push-pull MIG gun

Tweco, an ESAB brand, released the PullMaster2 push-pull MIG gun. The pistol-grip style gun features an angled cable-to-gun connection combined with a ball-and-socket strain relief that enhances balance and reduces perceived cable weight. The easy-to-grip handle features a short-stroke trigger for easier activation. The gun features an internal pre-set drive roll tension mechanism that reduces… Continued

Miller introduces induction heating systems

Miller Electric Mfg. LLC offers ArcReach induction heating systems for jobsite weld preheating and bakeout in construction and pipe applications with temperature maximums of 600 degrees F and 315 degrees C. Welding operators can perform the preheating and bakeout with easy-to-use equipment and tools and don’t have to rely on third-party contractors, providing complete control of the… Continued

Robotic software update from Hypertherm

Hypertherm released Robotmaster version 7.4 offline robot programming software. Major enhancements to remote tool center point (RTCP) exploit the full capabilities of any robotic cell. Additions to the surface paths include added strategies and advanced tools for applications such as polishing, grinding and deburring. The surface paths are designed to tie-in with the enhancements to… Continued

Amada Weld Tech redesigns modular resistance welder

Amada Weld Tech introduces a redesigned wire compacting unit for its line of modular resistance welders. Suited for stranded wires, the plug-and-play, ready-to-install modular unit provides precise, fast and reproducible adjustment after electrode exchange. The closed box design provides maximum rigidity, eliminating flexing of the unit due to lateral forces. Ball bushes offer precise guidance… Continued

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