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July 2017

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July 2017

Even though the 4th of July celebrations have come to a close, the team at Welding Productivity isn’t done celebrating. In our July issue, we’re celebrating a handful of individuals within the fabricating and manufacturing communities. As seen on our cover, we are honoring Jerry Leary, a true industry titan. Similarly, we’re also thrilled to present the work of a few artists that consider their plasma torches just as important as a paintbrush or a sketchbook.

Additionally, the team at Welding Productivity is excited to share information on subtle changes that can transform a welding operation, including filler metal assessments, better robotic maintenance habits and new handheld beveling tools. To round out the issue, we also included an article on an innovative product that is speeding up pipeline production.

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Burs for weld dressing from Pferd

pferd 115b

Pferd Inc.’s Titanium cut burs are for machining hard titanium alloys (with tensile strength greater than 500 N/mm2). They are suitable for electric or pneumatic straight grinders and automated equipment. Applications include weld dressing and contouring. The burs have a recommended cutting speed range of 850 to 1,500 SFPM. They are available in cutting head… Continued

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