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February 2018

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February 2018

This month’s cover image is full of sparks – the kind that make the team at Welding Productivity giddy. They’re also the type of sparks that inspire people to get into welding. In fact, our cover article features ETI School of Skilled Trades, a school that our team visited to see and experience how the next generation of welders get their chops.

In addition to the cover article, the February issue also offers up a handful of articles pertinent to welders regardless of their level of experience. From collaborative robots to contact tip advice, there’s something for everyone. To round out the issue, we also included a few articles that are specific to those in the aerospace industry. Whether you work with commercial airplanes or rockets like the one that SpaceX just launched, we hope they’re helpful.  

Latest News

New helmet graphic from Miller

new welding helmet graphic

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. announced the addition of the Cat 2nd edition graphic to the Digital Infinity Series lineup. The welding helmets provide a viewing area of 13.4 sq. in. The headgear with oversized comfort cushion offers extensive adjustability settings and improved support for better fit and comfort. The helmets also feature four arc sensors and four… Continued

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