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September 2016

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September 2016

Heading into a new season doesn’t just require a change in mindset. More often than not, it also requires physical preparation. For the September issue of Welding Productivity, we addressed some of the issues that fabricators and manufacturers face as the temperatures drop.

Whether it’s taking a new approach to fume extraction or bundling up for welding outdoors, we included articles that will help ease the transition period. We also included content that will help your company drive greater efficiency and profitability, no matter the time of year.

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MiG Buddy Welding Gun Holster

The MiG Buddy welding gun holster, which debuted at Fabtech last November, is for holding MIG welding guns. It acts like a third hand for the welder, keeping the gun always ready. The holster provides easy docking and retrieval while protecting the gun from everyday damage. The MiG Buddy comes with a universal mount that allows it to be mounted in a variety of ways and includes a… Continued

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