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Welcome to the Welding Productivity website!

Now that the New Year is in full swing, the team at Techgen Media is incredibly proud to launch this first issue of Welding Productivity. In fact, we couldn’t possibly think of a better way to kick off 2015.

Leading up to the big launch, the Techgen team headed to Atlanta for Fabtech 2014 to meet with new contacts, reconnect with others and get a glimpse at what was in store for fabricating in the future. By the shear size of the show’s welding hall, it was clear to see that the industry would be relishing in new trends in the New Year. At every turn, a new innovation was presented that could totally change the face of a fabricating or manufacturing facility.

This was exactly the type of content that we were looking for to cover in the new magazine.

At Fabtech, we discovered three major happenings that are continuing on their upward swing. They include the use of lightweight portable welders in production environments, the growing adoption of laser welding technologies and the proliferation of low-cost compact robotic welding systems. The possibilities they bring to those who leverage them could be game-changing.

So, in this inaugural issue and in issues to come, we’ll focus on these trends and report on the positive impact they’re having on our readers. Along the way, we’ll also report on other new technologies that are shaping the industry.

Beyond reporting on trends, however, the overarching goal at Welding Productivity is to provide our readers with unmatched instructional editorial. Simply put: We want to deliver useful and supportive articles that will educate the reader about how to improve his or her welding operation.

We’ll also afford our contributors and advertisers unique opportunities that can only come with a digital publication. One of the benefits of being an online publication is the ability to capture contact information from qualified leads. When a reader of Welding Productivity clicks on a URL in the magazine, the email address of that user will be captured and provided for sales follow-up opportunities.

Another benefit is the ability to educate potential customers in the most effective way possible – through the use of imbedded instructional videos. Like a URL, this type of interactive content offers contributors the chance to acquire contact information from qualified leads. This unique insight into engagement, which is not possible with a print publication, also allows business owners to finally calculate a true and accurate ROI.