Metal dreams

Boonie welding

Three young entrepreneurs prove that making it in the metalworking industry takes guts and gumption

Cold cleaning

Utilizing dry ice pellets at high velocity to clean welding equipment can greatly reduce downtime

Cut the heat

Welding and cutting equipment that has advanced shipbuilding for decades offers more with new features

Tools for tight spaces

Welders tasked with getting into tight spaces to produce quality welds have many tools to assist them

A lady and her saws

In her Nebraska school, one artist creates interesting works with the help of a plasma cutter

Harvesting results

Tractor in a field on a Maryland Farm near sunset

Agriculture equipment manufacturers require sophisticated welding processes that offer flexibility and high productivity

Welding foundation

Worker is welding steel on construction site.

As the nation’s infrastructure ages and new buildings constantly pop up, structural welders are in high demand

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