Blade lifeline

Take the most advanced bandsaw in the world and treat the blade poorly and in quick order, that high-dollar machine is reduced to a bottleneck

Leveling up

In high-production welding operations, whether general manufacturing, automotive, railcar or any other industry, much is at stake if errors are made.

Consistent quality

When the snow flies, snow removal crews must keep roads clear for emergency vehicles and other drivers

Reducing steps

Using the right a
brasive products
significant effect on a business’s bottom line

Women that weld

CVN79 Construction

To celebrate Women’s History Month, Newport News Shipbuilding puts a spotlight on the important role women play in its business

Larger than life

The Singing Ringing Tree is a wind-powered musical sculpture that is made of 3,000 ft. of 6-in. pipe and weighs 54,000 lbs.

John the Welder contributes to the welding community in a variety of ambitious ways

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