Women that weld

CVN79 Construction

To celebrate Women’s History Month, Newport News Shipbuilding puts a spotlight on the important role women play in its business

Larger than life

The Singing Ringing Tree is a wind-powered musical sculpture that is made of 3,000 ft. of 6-in. pipe and weighs 54,000 lbs.

John the Welder contributes to the welding community in a variety of ambitious ways

Shipping news

From safety to productivity, a new report shows that plasma technology offers a host of improvements to shipbuilding operations

Dedicated data

As the need for welding professionals grows, AWS launches its Welding Workforce Data website

Modern amenities

How to create an environment for the welders of today

Supply and demand

Looking for the reason for the recent rise in metal prices? It’s probably not what you’re thinking

Time for TIG

Five tips for understanding aluminum TIG filler metals, setup and welding

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