Safety first

Have you ever done something that could be referred to as “shooting from the hip?

Rule No. 1: Be safe

Establishing safety protocols is crucial for any fab shop, especially one just starting out

Safe practice

When sized, set up and maintained properly, dust collection systems address a variety of safety concerns

Cell safety

From the gun to the robot – safety is the key to success in automated welding environments

Safe practices

At AWS, teams of volunteers are dedicated to compiling and disseminating resources aimed at keeping welders safe

Helping hand

MIG Buddy

A docking station protects welding guns from damage and accidental triggering, serving as a solution for safety and increased productivity

Securing safety

Rockford Systems educates robotic welding users on safety standards and designs safety solutions to meet those standards

Steps to safety success

By developing a focused, effective safety training program, manufacturers can reduce the total cost of worker injuries

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