Future view

Trends and realities: The future of robotics in industry

Next-gen welding

Cobot welding technology offers solutions to labor and production problems

Wasted time

Understanding and eliminating time sinks in robotic welding

Robot takeover

A robot takes over polishing metal rims at an aerospace manufacturer

Zero downtime

Welding cobots address labor shortages and bottlenecks at a fraction of the cost of traditional automation

The answer is automation

Yaskawa | Past - Present - Future video pic

The core struggles common to most fabricators are easily addressed with robotic welding technologies

Flexible robotics

High-performance robots can offer flexibility for success in today’s volatile marketplace

Common ground

Understanding and leveraging a robotic universal weld interface leads to increased quality no matter the manufacturer’s location

All in one spot

A new robot highlights advancements in automated spot welding while making the case for single-source procurement

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