Cobots to the rescue

Significant barriers exist for automating the welding process, but cobots are stepping in to overcome them

Real robotics

Five myths and truths about using robotics in welding operations today

Made for the mix

Collaborative robots bring benefits to high-mix, low-volume weld shops with no capital investment required

Universal view

With more interconnected devices, the need grows for a universal solution to oversee all automation tools required for production

Cells to spec

A Canadian hydraulics manufacturer takes matters into its own hands with custom-built welding cells

Eye on the prize

Pairing vision-based software with collaborative robots results in greater accuracy and productivity

I, cobot

yaskawa welding robot

Collaborative robots assist industries beyond those that typically use robotics

Cobot help

Industry success is available with a spool welding robot that allows fabrication shops to reduce reliance on operators

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