Zero downtime

Welding cobots address labor shortages and bottlenecks at a fraction of the cost of traditional automation

The answer is automation

Yaskawa | Past - Present - Future video pic

The core struggles common to most fabricators are easily addressed with robotic welding technologies

Flexible robotics

High-performance robots can offer flexibility for success in today’s volatile marketplace

Common ground

Understanding and leveraging a robotic universal weld interface leads to increased quality no matter the manufacturer’s location

All in one spot

A new robot highlights advancements in automated spot welding while making the case for single-source procurement

Step into place

A small weld shop addresses a shortage of trained welders by using a cobot-powered welder

Cobots to the rescue

Significant barriers exist for automating the welding process, but cobots are stepping in to overcome them

Real robotics

Five myths and truths about using robotics in welding operations today

Made for the mix

Collaborative robots bring benefits to high-mix, low-volume weld shops with no capital investment required

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