Digging deep

An excavation equipment company unearths the benefits of the latest in plasma cutting

Buffalo billion

NY Fabrication

Bringing jobs back to western New York, specifically Buffalo, is a major priority for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. He’s committed $1 billion to making the area a hub for advanced manufacturing and renewable energy. His plan – known as the Buffalo Billion initiative – is one of the largest, and some say most ambitious,… Continued

Competitive edge

plasma cutting

A perfectly beveled edge can make a big difference in producing the highest quality weld possible

Building bridges

Casco Bay Opening Spread

Hypertherm plasma technology gives a bridge fabricator the cut quality it needs to support the U.S. infrastructure

Meet the new plasma

Set 6 - Stainless Steel

When provided with a new definition of high-definition plasma, fabricators quickly see the technology’s benefits

Where the buffalo roam

While the animals might not migrate at the Buffalo Zoo, a portable plasma system allows the workers to easily move about

Small giants


All the ways compact plasma cutters offer big benefits in the shop and out in the field

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