A longer reach

By leveraging a longer plasma cutting torch, companies expand their range of applications and improve operator safety

Plasma platform

To achieve advances in plasma cutting, designers must balance component costs, cooling needs and reliability in extreme conditions

From stem to stern

A custom boat builder’s capabilities are rounded out with a high-definition plasma cutting system

Power + control

Advice on choosing the right plasma power source and controller for the right price

Digging deep

An excavation equipment company unearths the benefits of the latest in plasma cutting

Buffalo billion

NY Fabrication

Bringing jobs back to western New York, specifically Buffalo, is a major priority for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. He’s committed $1 billion to making the area a hub for advanced manufacturing and renewable energy. His plan – known as the Buffalo Billion initiative – is one of the largest, and some say most ambitious,… Continued

Competitive edge

plasma cutting

A perfectly beveled edge can make a big difference in producing the highest quality weld possible

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