Laser welding 101

As laser welding gains in popularity, a brief lesson brings understanding to those interested in its benefits 

Reinvented repair

Companies looking to improve their mold repair processes should consider laser DMD

Metal mashup

Laser welding technology for dissimilar metals in batteries drives electric vehicle efficiency

Taking shape

Shape recognition is the next step in expanding laser welding applications

Light welding

Thanks to recent technology advancements, lasers join metals faster and more accurately than ever before

Seam’s pretty good

seam welding

When weld seams have to be durable but also practically invisible, automakers opt for laser brazing

Ramped-up robotics

Advancements have allowed robotics and laser technology to be used for precise welding and cutting

Building bridges

Casco Bay Opening Spread

Hypertherm plasma technology gives a bridge fabricator the cut quality it needs to support the U.S. infrastructure

Bridging the gap

The ability to bridge gaps up to 1 mm wide allows laser welding to replace conventional welding

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