Cutting & Prep

The right angle

Continued developments in angle grinders ensure they remain the most versatile and indispensable tool in the shop

What’s in the box

For on-site oil and gas pipeline work, welders and their helpers bring toolboxes full of indispensible products


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Fighting fire with fire

New portable exothermic system offers unique cutting capabilities

Master the material

Solutions for pre-weld or post-weld challenges when working with aluminum

Thin is in

Ultra Cut

New ultrathin cutting wheels produce quick, clean cuts and have durability typically not associated with thin wheels

Beyond burr basics

With a new harder tungsten substrate and an optimal tooth wedge angle, these carbide burrs rise above commodity status

Food for thought

kitchen and manufacturing

4Many manufacturing industries have to manage up and down cycles with the exception of the food production industry, which can be considered virtually recession-proof. Everybody has to eat, and most modern economies rely on processed food to feed the masses. Plenty of statistics highlight the sheer size of the food production industry. Worldwide, Research and… Continued

Detrimental elements

welding electrodes

The importance of removing detrimental weld filler elements from the weld prior to coating

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