Electrical effect

Ultrasonically welded cable lug joints offer electrical performance advantages

Gas supply strategy

Improve workflow with a new approach to supplying industrial gas at the jobsite

Convenient consumables

New MIG welding consumables reduce troubleshooting, downtime and rework

Gas consumption 4.0

As more manufacturers gravitate toward lean manufacturing, an innovation for shielding gas management emerges

Down to the Wire


The metal fabrication industry continues to develop new alloys for new applications and products at a quick pace. This rapid development of different base metals sometimes requires new filler metals, unique shielding gases and equipment.

Up for the challenge

Colorful Welding Sticks Electordes Background

Instead of welding specialty metals using standard electrodes and wires, custom solutions can provide better results

Based on a tip

Contact tip recess is often overlooked as a variable that can affect the quality of a weld

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