Hypertherm announces grant winners

Hypertherm announced the recipients of its 2020 Spark Something Great educational grant. The grant program, now in its sixth year, places plasma technology into schools. Grant recipients were selected from a record pool of 257 applicants representing high schools, vocational schools and colleges from the United States and Canada. Each of the 12 winning schools… Continued

Amada Weld Tech launches new website

Amada Weld Tech launched its all-new website. Timed to coincide with the company’s name change, the visually appealing, user friendly and intuitive interface makes it easier to find information on the company’s manufacturing technology solutions. Improved navigation offers visitors a choice of paths via Applications, Industries or Products. Key functionality includes the ability to filter… Continued

Coherent appoints CEO

Coherent Inc. named Andreas “Andy” W. Mattes president and CEO and a member of the board of directors. The company also appointed Mark Sobey, a 13-year senior executive of the company, as executive vice president and COO. “We are delighted to welcome Andy Mattes as Coherent’s new CEO, ushering in an exciting new chapter of… Continued

Lincoln Electric announces retirement

The Lincoln Electric Co. announced the retirement of George D. Blankenship, executive vice president and president Americas Welding segment. Blankenship joined Lincoln Electric in 1985 as an engineering trainee and held various engineering and product development management positions until 2009, when he was promoted to senior vice president and president North America. In 2016, he… Continued

PTG introduces dual head friction stir welding

Precision Technologies Group (PTG) released dual weld-head friction stir welding models for use in the volume production of automotive battery tray floor assemblies from extruded aluminum panels. Aimed directly at manufacturers of skateboard chassis structures, the dual weld-head process ensures that a tight weld-flatness tolerance is achieved during battery tray floor construction. The machines provide… Continued

TIG welding system from Fronius

Fronius USA LLC’s TransTig 170/210 manual TIG welding system is for an extensive range of functions. The welding system is particularly good for mobile applications, as it’s lightweight and easy to handle. Despite the small dimensions and low weight of less than 10 kg, the welders offer all the important setting options that are otherwise… Continued

Destaco launches power clamps

Destaco offers Model 84A40-1/84A50-1 power clamps that firmly hold sheet metal together during critical assembly applications, such as welding. The individually adjustable arm opening angles and tolerance compensation feature allow for maximum flexibility. The standard opening angle of the clamp is 90 degrees, but the opening angle of both arms is independently adjustable. Three sets… Continued

Xiris releases weld camera software

Xiris’ latest version of WeldStudio software includes new functions to support its weld cameras. The Pre-Recording Buffering feature captures the beginning of a weld easily with a pre-recording buffer that caches up to 10 sec. of video. Three new Advanced Edge Detectors help highlight subtle features in the welding environment that are not easily seen… Continued

HGG offers flexible cutting machine

HGG’s MPC 450 2.0 multi-profile cutting machine offers three basic flexible machine configurations. Users can configure it to cut pipes, positioning material on pipe supports and clamping it in three chuck jaws; to cut box sections, positioning material on pipe supports in specially designed rotators and then clamping it in two diagonally opposite jaws of… Continued

TIG inverter from ESAB

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products introduced the Miniarc Rogue ES 180i Stick/Lift TIG inverter with professional arc performance and controls such as adjustable hot start, adjustable arc force and power factor correction. The unit weighs 18.2 lbs.; measures 13.5 in. by 6 in. by 10.4 in.; delivers a maximum output of 180 amps at 25 percent… Continued

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