June 2021

Larger than life

The Singing Ringing Tree is a wind-powered musical sculpture that is made of 3,000 ft. of 6-in. pipe and weighs 54,000 lbs.

John the Welder contributes to the welding community in a variety of ambitious ways

Supply and demand

Looking for the reason for the recent rise in metal prices? It’s probably not what you’re thinking

The answer is automation

Yaskawa | Past - Present - Future video pic

The core struggles common to most fabricators are easily addressed with robotic welding technologies

Circular superiority

CMI.SC-75AP 066

In a high-production environment where speed is of the essence, circular saws are a fast solution

Reciprocating factors

From material type to teeth per inch, choosing the right reciprocating saw blade involves many factors

Welds that work

Detail of the shovel of an excavator on a building site

Advancements in welding technology address the challenges associated with building and repairing yellow goods