July 2021

Purely Automatic

Automation comes in many forms. Robots and material handling systems are becoming a permanent fixture in an increasing number of shops. Computerized machinery, including automated press brakes, laser cutters and stamping presses, has long augmented and enhanced the capabilities of its human masters. And then there’s automation as it applies to sensor-based data collection and… Continued

Daily Grind

Zirconia alumina is among the most durable abrasive grains for welding and metal fabrication applications. The extremely fine crystalline microstructure features excellent thermomechanical and chemical characteristics that offer outstanding wear-resistant properties. This leads to great versatility across a broad range of light to heavy removal applications on a wide range of materials, such as carbon… Continued

Future solution

When it comes to cladding operations, consistency, quality and speed of delivery for suppliers to the energy and oil and gas industries is key. Since pre-Covid days, it’s becoming apparent a declining number of new project awards will be the norm until the next oil and gas super cycle. With this, an even more competitive… Continued

Heavy on automation

The manufacturing challenge of improving productivity while maintaining quality and keeping costs in check affects every industry, and welding is no exception. Novarc Technologies created their collaborative welding robot, the Spool Welding Robot (SWR), to automate the welding process in order to improve productivity on the shop floor and reduce costs for the pipe fabrication… Continued

Pendant programming

A vital component of a robotic system is the controller-attached teach pendant, which remains the most common interface to program an industrial robot. While the buttons and functions have been optimized to accommodate greater functionality, and the general look and feel has been upgraded for ergonomics and familiarity, the main premise continues to be the… Continued

Cobots in the classroom

Few will argue that collaborative robots, or cobots, haven’t created workflow improvements in manufacturing. But to get the maximum value out of a cobot, it must be used correctly. Universal Robots, a manufacturer of industrial collaborative robot arms, has established the UR Academy to educate both students and industry professionals about advancing their cobot proficiency.… Continued