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G.H. Tool adds laser welding

G.H. Tool & Mold, a Tooling Tech Group company, invested in an AL500 mobile laser welding system from Alpha Laser for making die repairs and engineering changes to mold cavity surfaces, as well as refurbishment of critical wear surfaces. The accuracy of the laser beam allows for focusing into deep cavities and recesses in complex… Continued

ESAB spokesperson extends relationship

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products extended its relationship with off-road vehicle fabrication expert Ian Johnson as an official spokesperson for its welding and cutting products. Johnson’s hardcore off-roading show Four Wheeler will debut on MotorTrend TV this fall, and he currently produces the digital show, Big Tire Garage, from his shop in Spring Hill, Tenn. ESAB sponsors both… Continued

HGG’s lease option for 3-D profiling machinery

HGG Profiling Equipment offers leasing and lease-to-buy options for its line of 3D profiling machinery, which includes the entry-level ProCutter 600, SPC pipe-profiling machines and vessel and head cutting machines, RPC beam cutting machinery, PCL robotic profiling lines, TCL tube and pipe cutting lines, and their new ship profiler. The program allows companies the convenience… Continued

Abicor Binzel adds district sales manager

Abicor Binzel hired Tanner Skalla as a district sales manager. Skalla will be based in Colorado, covering areas from New Mexico to Montana. According to Larry Cassesa, sales director, “I’m excited to have Tanner join the team. He brings an excellent skill set, and will provide our customers the support and knowledge they need to… Continued

IPG Photonics and Brose develop technology

The Brose Group and IPG Photonics Corp. are collaborating on the first direct weld measurement technology for automotive seat rails. In-line coherent imaging (ICI) technology will increase manufacturing efficiency, streamline validation and minimize waste. “Our patented, in-line welding monitoring tools provide the most comprehensive and direct measurement of key manufacturing characteristics including weld depth, part… Continued

Ocean Machinery partners with AGT Robotics

Ocean Machinery Inc.  partnered with AGT Robotics to bring a compact automated welding robot to a medium-sized structural steel fabricator. “The Ocean Challenger robotic welder is designed specifically for structural steel fabricators looking to increase production and reduce labor costs,” said Hunter Fry, president. “The compact footprint, robotic automation and integrated software make the Ocean… Continued

Boostweld wins gas flow trademark

Boostweld was granted a trademark for its patented GMAW gas flow technology, which delivers an increase in efficiency, reducing shielding gas consumption at optimum velocity. The patent outlines an insulator with an interior air chamber and guiding wall that evenly stabilizes the shielding gas pressure. Boostweld evolved from a 40-year-old ODM business, which has produced… Continued

X-ray movies show laser spattering

Researchers from Missouri S&T, Argonne National Laboratory and the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, created high-speed X-ray movies of laser spattering. Using X-ray imaging, the researchers captured the spattering behavior of titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V during fabrication. The microscopic movies reveal a novel mechanism of laser spattering – the bulk explosion of a tongue-like protrusion that forms in… Continued

The Apprentice School celebrates 100 years

The Apprentice School at Newport News Shipbuilding celebrated its 100th anniversary on July 1, 2019, and is planning special events throughout the year. The school opened at the end of World War I to recruit, train and develop shipbuilders. Since then, advanced digital shipbuilding concepts and technology in the curriculum are now supporting the company’s… Continued

Pferd names vice president of sales

Pferd Inc. appointed Rafael Astacio vice president, sales. Astacio will manage the overall sales operation in North America, including the development and execution of strategic sales plans, aligning sales objectives with the business strategy, forecasts and budgets. He was previously vice president, sales and marketing, for a robotics and automation equipment manufacturer for the construction… Continued

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