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Pantron offers welding arc detection

Pantron Instruments introduced the light sensor ILD-1000 for detection of intensive, non-uniform light that typically arises from arc welding and laser welding. The device detects the existence as well as the non-existence of an arc and is made for error detection for automatic manufacturing processes. The system consists of the ILD-1000 evaluation device and the… Continued

Koike introduces welding manipulator

Koike Aronson Ransome’s Cricket-II welding manipulator is for use with subarc, TIG and MIG welding applications. It is equipped with a lift speed of 20 ipm, and a variable speed-powered reach option offers adjustable speeds from 3 to 120 ipm. With a load capacity of 500 lbs., the manipulator can accommodate all welding processes. It… Continued

Welding helmet from Fronius

The Vizor Connect welding helmet from Fronius USA LLC communicates with a power source via Bluetooth. This means that it darkens prior to ignition rather than waiting until the arc is lit. This protects users against the abrupt flash of light that appears before the helmet darkens. The helmet also eliminates interference from external light… Continued

WS releases welding code hard copy

The American Welding Society (AWS) released the hard copy of the 2020 edition of the D1.1 structural welding code. To improve clarity and understanding of the code provisions, the update includes important changes in the text and commentary. The code covers the welding requirements for any type of welded structure made from commonly used carbon and… Continued

ESAB updates productivity analyzer

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products updated its Quick Weld Productivity Analyzer, a calculator for total weld cost analysis, so users can generate a PDF report. The PDF includes a QR code users can scan with their mobile phone that takes them back to their original calculation and input variables; users can then adjust the variables to… Continued

Amada Weld Tech offers troubleshooting guide online

Amada Weld Tech announced the availability of an online version of its Resistance Welding Troubleshooting Guide. Developed to help solve customer’s resistance welding challenges using proven methodology, visitors “spin” the wheel to highlight the symptom or problem they are experiencing and are directed through a sequence of steps to isolate and solve the problem, whether… Continued

Trumpf enters automated arc welding

Trumpf Inc. released its first automated arc welding system, the TruArc Weld 1000, which comes with a collaborative robot. After the operator has manually guided it over a component, the cobot then automatically carries out the weld. A built-in sensor ensures it responds smoothly. The cobot is equipped with an operating unit that lets users… Continued

PTG introduces dual head friction stir welding

Precision Technologies Group (PTG) released dual weld-head friction stir welding models for use in the volume production of automotive battery tray floor assemblies from extruded aluminum panels. Aimed directly at manufacturers of skateboard chassis structures, the dual weld-head process ensures that a tight weld-flatness tolerance is achieved during battery tray floor construction. The machines provide… Continued

TIG welding system from Fronius

Fronius USA LLC’s TransTig 170/210 manual TIG welding system is for an extensive range of functions. The welding system is particularly good for mobile applications, as it’s lightweight and easy to handle. Despite the small dimensions and low weight of less than 10 kg, the welders offer all the important setting options that are otherwise… Continued

Destaco launches power clamps

Destaco offers Model 84A40-1/84A50-1 power clamps that firmly hold sheet metal together during critical assembly applications, such as welding. The individually adjustable arm opening angles and tolerance compensation feature allow for maximum flexibility. The standard opening angle of the clamp is 90 degrees, but the opening angle of both arms is independently adjustable. Three sets… Continued

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