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OnRobot releases gripper converter kit

OnRobot launched the digital I/O converter kit to support seamless integration of its RG2, RG6, Gecko and VG10 grippers with a range of cobots and traditional robotic arms. The small converter device facilitates out-of-box integration with Kuka, Fanuc, Yaskawa, Kawasaki, Doosan, Nachi and Techman robot arms. As different robot arms understand I/O signals differently, the… Continued

Optrel offers helmet for welding students

Optrel’s “ready” automatic welding helmet is for welding students, do-it-yourselfers and everyday welders. With its IR and UV protection, even in inactive state, the helmet safely protects the eyes of the welder, even in harsh environments. The welding helmet weighs 17 oz. and features seamless shade level adjustment of 4/9-13; a sensitivity control that adapts… Continued

Bernard updates online configurators

Bernard launched new versions of its BTB semi-automatic air-cooled MIG gun and Clean Air fume extraction gun online configurators. These mobile-friendly configurators allow users to customize an industrial-duty welding gun to match their application or preferences. The online configurators let customers choose the specifications of their gun, including cable type and length, amperage, handle and… Continued

High-deposition welding from Lincoln Electric

The Lincoln Electric Co. introduces HyperFill, a twin-wire GMAW welding solution. Developed for semi-automatic or robotic applications, HyperFill is able to utilize two smaller diameter wires to produce a larger weld droplet and arc cone. In return, this generates a large weld puddle that is easier to manage and control. Unlike traditional twin-wire processes that typically… Continued

DGP offers TIG nozzles

Monster TIG/GTAW welding nozzles are available from Diamond Ground Products Inc. For welding exotic materials such as titanium, Inconel, Hastelloy, Monel and others, the TIG nozzles are engineered to deliver a coherent stream of shield gas to improve the quality, consistency and post-weld cleanup of welding applications. They offer improved gas coverage, better arc stability,… Continued

HFT develops new purge monitor

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques developed the PurgEye 600 weld purge monitor to read from atmospheric level of oxygen down to one part per million in one instrument, offering advantages to manufacturers of high-specification products made of reactive metals. The instrument has a full range of measurement reading, meaning no other monitoring equipment is necessary. The monitor has… Continued

SAS’ heavy-duty industrial fume extractor

The Model 500 heavy-duty industrial fume extractor from Sentry Air Systems Inc. removes fumes and particulate emitted from high-volume applications such as MIG, TIG, stick and plasma cutting. The four cleanable Merv 16 filters can be cleaned with compressed air without removing them from the chassis. The 10-ft.-long hinged extractor arm provides exceptional reach and… Continued

Welding pliers from Malco

Malco Products offers Weld-Bonding Axial pliers for securing different types of joints for metal workers, autobody technicians and sheet metal fabricators. The small profile and straight-line motion of the jaws allow the pliers to fit and operate in tight, narrow, hard-to-access spaces. The fast, secure-clamping one-finger release helps users easily and accurately hold two pieces of… Continued

Esco introduces prep tool

Esco Tool introduced The C-Hog Millhog O.D. clamping end prep tool, a portable beveling tool for performing end preps on thin-wall tube. The tool evenly distributes holding power to securely mount on the outside of high-purity thin-wall tube and perform chatter-free welding end preps. Maintaining the integrity of the inside of the tube, it can… Continued

Xiris’ software includes new feature

Xiris Automation Inc. released of an expanded version of WeldStudio, its software utility for controlling and displaying images from weld cameras. The latest version includes a picture-in-a-picture (PIP) feature, which allows for an inset window to be created in the camera image. Key areas of interest within the inset window can be set up with… Continued

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