Month: February 2022

Olympus streamlines weld inspection


Olympus released the WeldSight Remote Connect app for the OmniScan X3 phased array flaw detector. The app enables users to perform every step via WeldSight software on a PC or laptop. With the remote control capability, the flaw detector and software combine to become an efficient, high-performance, portable inspection solution that is also cost effective.… Continued

Brass Knuckle gloves offer cut protection

Brass Knuckel gloves

Brass Knuckle SmartCut BKCR4420 gloves offer A4 cut resistance with double coated protection that combines slip resistance and permeation protection. A foam nitrile top coat adds grip security for oils, petrochemicals, fuels and most acids. The sandy grip finish increases abrasion resistance and cut protection. The breathable, flexible gloves are good for metal work, automotive and… Continued

OcuWeld virtual reality

Occuweld image003

StrataTech Education Group launched its OcuWeld virtual reality (VR) training program. The program, which uses Oculus Quest 2 technology, features a new VR welding simulator designed from the ground up by expert welding instructors for welding students. The program allows students to learn about prepping, grinding and joining materials in a virtual environment that mimics… Continued

Xiris releases protocol video streaming

Xiris video streaming

Xiris Automation Inc. released the Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) to stream captured video of weld processes over shared networks. The add-on to WeldStudio software allows many users to access the same live video stream using a tablet, smartphone, smart TV or PC with any compatible streaming software. In production welding, operators will be able… Continued

Filler metal expansion from ESAB

ESAB exaton

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products expanded its Exaton NiCrMo-4 filler metal product line with the introduction of the Exaton Ni56 strip electrode for electro-slag cladding. This nickel chromium molybdenum electrode is for corrosion resistant weld deposits of Ni6276/UNS N10276 type and is good for protecting welded pipes made of low-alloy base materials. The product is for use… Continued

Lincoln Electric expands welder/generator line

Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric’s new Ranger 330MPX EFI welder/generator is compact, versatile and features a 330-amp Kohler 25-hp electronic fuel injection engine. The engine’s advanced design ensures quick and easy starts in cold weather with no choke required, improved fuel efficiency, reliable operation and optimal performance in high-altitude applications. Other features include engine-driven weld modes, Crosslinc technology and… Continued

Amada Weld Tech’s new resistance weld checker


Amada Weld Tech offers a new compact MM-410A handheld resistance weld checker that supports a range of resistance welding technologies, including AC, DC inverter, AC inverter, transistor and capacitive discharge. Featuring a simple and intuitive user interface and color touch panel display, the unit provides information on current, voltage, weld time and force. It is… Continued

Weldcote introduces welding inverter


Weldcote released the Striker 140 welding inverter for stick welding. The machine is a small, compact, single-phase inverter with voltage reduction for direct welding using 1/16-in.- to 1/8-in.-dia. electrodes. It features a voltage reduction device, which reduces the voltage at no-load condition for a safer work environment. It also uses arc force to eliminate electrodes… Continued

New Norton product guide for right-angle grinding

Norton RAG Product Guide N

Norton | Saint-Gobain Abrasives introduced a new 24-page product guide for right-angle grinding. The new guide simplifies proper abrasives selection for varying process steps and materials, including challenging right-angle grinding applications. Explained in the guide, Norton abrasives are classified in Best, Better and Good performance and price tiers to help users choose the right product… Continued

Consumable upgrade from ATTC

ATTC components

American Torch Tip Co. (ATTC) introduced a HelioCut patent-pending consumable upgrade for Powermax 45XP, Powermax 65 and Powermax 85 plasma cutting systems. The design decreases consumable wear, increases lifespan and allows for an improved current path. The kit is available in three versions: 45, 65 and 85 amp. The kit includes two electrodes, two nozzles and… Continued

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