Month: February 2021

Welder rack from Trystar

Trystar’s launched its 9-kVA, 6-pack weld rack for storing welders or moving them to the job site or factory floor and connecting up to six 350 series portable welding machines. Built around a 9-kVA 600-V or 480-V to 208-V/120-V step-down transformer, the 425-lb. (without machines) steel weld rack meets NEMA 3R, UL 50 and UL… Continued

Esco Tool offers pipe saw

Esco Tool released its APS-438 air-powered saw and WrapTrack system that cuts highly alloyed pipe perfectly square by providing a trolley that guides the saw around the circumference without wobbling. Good for repairing underground steam lines in situ, the saw cuts square with no HAZ and leaves a smooth finish for end prepping or joining… Continued

Welding Chemicals New Product Line

Welding Chemicals Inc. (WCI) launched its Superior welding chemical products line, which meets demanding industrial welding needs by reducing and eliminating the detrimental consequences of a bad or contaminated weld. President and CEO Richard W. Doornink stated, “Our new 33,000-sq.-ft. ISO-certified manufacturing facility features the latest in digital manufacturing equipment, assuring highly accurate manufacturing and… Continued

Remote weld purge monitoring from HFT

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques (HFT)’s PurgEye 1000 weld purge monitor enables operators to read the weld purge gas level from a distance. The monitor incorporates a sensing head, which can be fitted onto any pipe weld purging system. The oxygen level is then measured directly at the weld location and the information is electronically transferred to… Continued

Lincoln Electric introduces oxyfuel training

In collaboration with The Harris Products Group, Lincoln Electric introduces the Vrtex oxyfuel cutting feature, enabling users to practice torch cutting safely. It is available on Vrtex 360 and Transport models for virtual reality training. From setting up the torch to executing the cut, each task is designed to simulate real-world cutting applications. Instructors can use the… Continued

WSI releases newest MFDC welder

Weld Systems Integrators (WSI)’s newest mid-frequency direct current (MFDC) press-type resistance welder incorporates a fast rise time (FRT) MFDC transformer. This new FRT-MFDC machine is for welding applications requiring short weld times and high welding current. The welders offer reduced life cycle cost, better process control for welding coated parts, weld nugget management, minimized HAZ… Continued

Victor introduces oxyfuel cutting and welding setup

Victor, an ESAB brand, offers the Medalist 350 Classic Outfit for heavy-duty cutting and welding. It features a combination torch and cutting attachment with the company’s traditional handle design and new G350 acetylene and oxygen regulators. The outfit also includes a #2 welding attachment, gas hoses, safety goggles and striker. The handle design has built-in… Continued

Amada Weld Tech’s precision joining systems

Amada Weld Tech released its Jupiter series of modular systems for precision joining for laser welding, laser marking, resistance welding, micro arc welding and hot bar bonding applications. Joint early-stage process development in the company’s labs ensures customers receive the best system solution for years of high-quality production. The modular system platform is a flexible system… Continued

Miller releases new stick welder

Miller Electric Mfg. LLC introduced the CST 282 stick/TIG welder for construction, shipbuilding, pipe welding, and maintenance and repair applications. The power source provides 280 amps and a digital meter provides precise control when presetting or monitoring welding amperage, so operators can be assured of proper settings. In addition, voltage reducing device (VRD) technology reduces… Continued

Trumpf offers automated arc welding

Trumpf Inc. released the TruArc Weld 1000 automated arc welding system. It comes with a cobot that assists in the creation of the weld program, rather than relying on values from an offline source or entering positioning data into a control. After the operator manually guides the cobot over a part, it automatically creates the… Continued

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