Month: January 2021

Weld analysis software from Olympus

Olympus released WeldSight companion PC software for the OmniScan X3 phased array (PA) flaw detector. Compatible with conventional ultrasonic testing, PA and time-of-flight diffraction (TOFD) acquired data, the software enables inspectors to perform thorough post-inspection analyses that comply with strict validation requirements of international standards. Experienced inspectors can perform advanced validation of indications using the… Continued

Kempii announces machine for MMA welding

Kempii’s Master 315 machine is for workshop or on-site use. Lightweight and compact, the machine is constructed from injection-molded plastic featuring impact bridge protection structures. With the HR45 Bluetooth hand remote unit, the operator can control the welding power and select memory channels from a distance of up to 100 m. The machine comes equipped… Continued

Ivec releases fume collector gates

Ivec Systems LLC introduced E-Z Gates for the control of dust collection systems and the regulation of dust and fume laden air. The gates are electric, not pneumatic, thus eliminating the need for compressed air. Offered in a range of sizes and settings, they feature a welded body and structural supports that resist deformation even… Continued

Esco Tools’ new tube and pipe prepping tool

Esco Tool’s Cohog split-frame machine for beveling and end prepping tube and pipe features a new module that mounts to the tool slide and holds a pre-angled bit of 30 degrees, 37 1/2 degrees or custom angles that are easy to change. It uses double-edge insert bits, which are also easily changed. This clamshell machine… Continued

Bevel plasma consumables from Hypertherm

Hypertherm Inc. offers extreme bevel consumables for its MaxPro200 LongLife air and oxygen plasma cutting system. The consumables, designed for mechanized, robotic and handheld cutting, have a pointed geometry so the plasma torch can tilt to an angle of up to 66.5 degrees. This makes them good for a range of jobs, including steep mechanized… Continued

Lincoln Electric offers CNC plasma cutting machine

Lincoln Electric added the Torchmate 4510 CNC plasma cutting table to its 4000 series product line. The table is expanded to a 5-ft.-by-10-ft. configuration. The machine includes FlexCut plasma cutters, reliable motion controls, an easy-to-use touchscreen and user-friendly Torchmate CAD software. The machine is delivered fully assembled, allowing it to be ready to cut within 30 min.… Continued

Hobart enhances flux-cored wire

Hobart offers FabCO Triple 7 gas-shielded flux-cored wire with expanded mechanical properties. Being able to address the demands of T-9 applications makes the wire good for manufacturing, construction, fabrication, ship, railcar and structural steel applications. It is good for welding with mixed gases and is also usable with straight CO2. The wire is Buy American-compliant for welding in government… Continued

Compact cladding cell from Fronius

The second generation of Fronius USA LLC’s Compact Cladding Cell offers space for components with diameters of up to 1 m and maximum weight of 2,500 kg. The maximum part height of 1.4 m can be increased to 1.9 m. In addition, the system enables the surfacing of a range of bore geometries, such as… Continued

ESAB launches heavy industrial welding systems

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products released its line of heavy industrial systems. The Warrior 750i CC/CV power source has a 750-amp output at 100 percent duty cycle and 820-amp output at 60 percent duty cycle. The Aristo 500ix pulsing power source provides outputs for MIG, pulsed MIG, flux-cored, stick and TIG welding with a maximum… Continued

New CEO of the Stäubli Group

Stäubli announced Gerald Vogt as CEO. Vogt will take over management of the family-owned company. The 50-year-old engineer and business economist has been responsible for the global robotics business as group division manager since mid-2016 and is already a member of the group management. As division manager, he significantly expanded business for Stäubli Robotics North… Continued

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