Month: December 2020

Weiler Abrasives adds brush color coding

Weiler Abrasives introduced color-coding on its popular brushes for stainless steel. The color-coding helps stop cross-contamination in operations working with carbon and stainless steel by making it easy to identify the correct wire brush. The color-coding is a visual change to an existing product line but there is no change to the performance of the… Continued

ESAB offers thermal cutting system

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products offers AutoRex, a fully-enclosed thermal cutting system that works with any of its automated cutting machines. The system is essentially a cutting machine inside its own room combined with a shuttle table for automated plate loading and parts unloading. The enclosure completely blocks out harmful UV light emissions and dramatically reduces… Continued

Helmet graphics from Miller

Miller Electric Mfg. LLC announced Gear Box and Metal Matrix graphics are now available on Digital Elite and Classic Series helmets. Metal Matrix, a Classic Series helmet, features sleek, silver tones inspired by the layered textures produced by melting metal. Classic helmets feature a 5.2-sq.-in. viewing area, an auto-on/off lens and a lightweight 16-oz. design. Gear… Continued

Weldcote announces cutting wheels

Weldcote’s A-Prime Plus slitter-style, cutting wheels are for applications using high-power, right-angle grinding machines. The wheels are made of aluminum oxide. The complex, multi-step granulation process allows for even distribution of the abrasive grains because each grain is coated with resins and fillers. The resulting homogenous distribution of the abrasive grain, along with a unique,… Continued

Tormach launches plasma cutting table

Tormach Inc. offers the 1300PL CNC plasma cutting table with travels of 50 in. in the X-axis, 51.5 in. in the Y-axis and 3.9 in. in the Z-axis. It can accommodate 4-ft.-by-4-ft.  sheets and comes standard with user-friendly PathPilot control software, a floating head with digital torch height control, a standard breakaway torch with collision… Continued

Bernard expands power pins

Bernard announced that its AccuLock S consumables system now includes Lincoln, Tweco #4 and Tweco #5 power pins, in addition to the Miller power pins already available. All power pins are configurable options for the company’s BTB semi-automatic air-cooled MIG guns using the online configurator. The consumable system addresses errors in liner trimming by locking… Continued

WSI introduces 12 kJ CD welder

Weld Systems Integrators Inc. (WSI) launched its 12-kJ capacitive discharge (CD) welder series. These welders are for projection welding fasteners, with standard or ring type projections, to hot-stamped aluminum silicate-coated materials, galvanized and other coated materials. The integrated welder design includes a fast follow-up head and an active displacement system for graphing displacement (specific distance of the weld projections collapse vs.… Continued

Small-footprint pipe cutting from HGG

HGG’s new ProCutter900 RB adds full logistic processing on a small-footprint pipe cutting machine. Along with an ability to cut precision profiles in pipe from 2 in. to 36 in. in diameter and up to 42 ft. in length, the cutter integrates an automated material handling system on a small footprint. With the infeed conveyor,… Continued

Bystronic and Cloos offer robotic welding cells

Bystronic Inc. announced robotic welding cells powered by Cloos Robotic Welding Inc. into the U.S. market. Cloos will supply the welding cells and provide installation, training and service, while Bystronic will be responsible for the sales and distribution of the cells. Cloos manufactures the robot weld positioner, robot controller, welding power source and cell integration.… Continued

IPG Photonics launches handheld laser welding

IPG Photonics Corp. released its LightWeld handheld laser welding system. Compared with traditional MIG and TIG welders, LightWeld enables faster welding, is easier to learn and operate, and provides consistent, high-quality results across a range of materials and thicknesses with low heat input and aesthetic finishes with minimal or no filler wire.  Simple controls, including… Continued

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