Month: September 2020

Parker Hannifin upgrades smoke collector

The Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation Division of Parker Hannifin Corp. upgraded the SmogHog SHM Floor mist and smoke collector. A new motor/blower system increases reliability through a more robust industrial design. The relocated external control panel with touchscreen functionality is positioned at the side of the cabinet for greater visibility and easy access to… Continued

ABB releases robotic visualizing

ABB Robotics’ RobotStudio AR augmented reality viewer provides a way of visualizing where and how robotic automation can fit into a process using a smartphone or tablet. The new viewer has been added to the PC-based RobotStudio offline programming software. The viewer app can be used to test any model created in RobotStudio, enabling users… Continued

Daubert Cromwell coating effective for welding

Daubert Cromwell‘s Nox-Rust 5400 VCI oil, known as an effective corrosion inhibitor for metal parts, has shown to be a safe weldable coating that protects metal surfaces without affecting weld quality. Corrosion protection on welded metals lasts for up to five years, indoors. The light oil leaves a lubricating, corrosion preventive film that does not… Continued

Yaskawa Motoman’s 6-axis cobot

Yaskawa Motoman’s 6-axis HC10XP human collaborative robot enables operation with or in close proximity to human workers. The cobot is for supplementing manual welding or for rolling up to large, heavy workpieces. With its 1,200-mm reach, the 10-kg payload cobot can be easily repurposed depending on production needs. Meeting established safety standards, it features Power… Continued

Weldcote offers passive helmet filters

Weldcote offers true-color, auto-darkening filters that feature clear, high-definition technology that enhances the visible spectrum for optimal clarity and reduced eye fatigue. The filter, also referred to as a retrofit lens, provides users with vision accuracy, light diffusion and consistent shade. They fit all passive-style helmets that feature a standard 2 by 4 passive filter… Continued

Olympus’ scanner for longitudinal seam welds

Using Olympus’ AxSeam scanner, inspectors can set up and inspect long seam welds on pipes and pressure vessels. The scanner’s features, including tool-less probe holders and patented dome-shaped wheels, help solve typical challenges associated with this type of inspection. Controlling data integrity is easier with the ScanDeck module featuring LED indicators that alert the operator… Continued

Destaco develops manual swing clamps

Destaco released manual swing clamps for fixture building/testing, welding and assembly operations in the industrial, aerospace and automotive markets. The clamps combine the best features of existing pneumatic swing clamp and straight line action clamp products to fashion a new, manually actuated solution for workholding applications. They feature an enclosed cam track and can clamp… Continued

Abicor Binzel adds fume extraction

Abicor Binzel introduced the xFume Advanced, which is a portable fume extraction vacuum system capable of supporting up to two manual welding stations. The system is equipped with two Histec PTFE filters, which capture 99.5 percent of dust greater than 0.1 micron, and have an automatic cleaning function to increase filter life. Features, such as… Continued

Koike’s carriage with multi-function drive

Koike Aronson Ransome released the Wel-Handy Multi Next portable welding carriage for semi-automated welding. The machine features a multi-function drive system that allows operators to perform various weld types with one machine. It delivers traction control with a 120-ft.-lb. pull force magnet, ensuring precise and consistent results for vertical and horizontal welding. The welding carriage… Continued

Lincoln Electric launches PAPR helmet

Viking Powered Air Purifying Respirator

The Lincoln Electric Co. introduced the Viking 3350 XG PAPR helmet, complete with exterior grind control. The helmet features a low-profile external button to switch between weld and grind mode, a smart blower system and a 12.5-sq.-in. auto-darkening lens with 4C Lens technology. Offering comfort and safety for the welder, the helmet also features a unique,… Continued

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