Month: January 2018

New helmet graphic from Miller

new welding helmet graphic

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. announced the addition of the Cat 2nd edition graphic to the Digital Infinity Series lineup. The welding helmets provide a viewing area of 13.4 sq. in. The headgear with oversized comfort cushion offers extensive adjustability settings and improved support for better fit and comfort. The helmets also feature four arc sensors and four… Continued

LazerArc releases custom welding positioners

lazerarc custom welding positioner

LazerArc’s multi-axis welding positioner provides accuracy and flexibility and good index time. The dual trunnion position system utilizes a high-capacity “zero backlash” TMF rotary turntable for the 180-degree exchange, which creates accuracies of 9 arc seconds and repeatability of 2 to 3 arc seconds. The servo gear heads for the dual trunnion headstocks allow for a 2-sec., 180-degree rotation… Continued

Hobart’s new metal-cored wire

hobart fabcor edge

Hobart’s FabCor Edge metal-cored wire improves deposition rates and travel speeds and features low spatter levels. It is well-suited for applications in robotic and mechanized welding, heavy equipment manufacturing, agriculture, transportation and mining applications, and for welding non-alloyed and fine grain steels. The wire reduces the time spent on secondary operations, such as anti-spatter application… Continued

Improving vocational training with mixed reality app

Mixed reality education provider zSpace announced a partnership with Mimbus, a provider of vocational training solutions, to offer a new welding application and handheld simulator to ensure schools offer students the latest advancements in welding training. Called Wave NG, the application uses zSpace’s mixed reality environment to give students hands-on training with welding procedures, MAG… Continued

Robotic water-cooled guns from Tregaskiss


Tregaskiss offers Tregaskiss by DINSE CWD robotic water-cooled MIG guns for conventional robots and TWD guns for through-arm robots. The guns are available in a variety of amperages ranging from 350 to 600 amps at 100 percent duty cycle. Designed with a dedicated gas line that runs from the back of the gun directly to… Continued

Coldwater Machine announces powertrain component welding lines

Coldwater PowertrainWeldingStationR

Coldwater Machine Co. announced its new automated laser welding line for powertrain components. Based on the company’s standard laser welding modules, each system is customized to suit customer requirements. This solution was developed for laser welding differentials and ring gears and features a palletized conveyor system to transfer parts through the cell using RFID traceability… Continued

American Weldquip offers robotic bulk feed system

robotic bulk feed system

American Weldquip introduced a nozzle conditioner and anti-spatter bulk feed solution that means there’s no need to go into a robotic cell to change anti-spatter fluid. The bulk feed system can be hung on the cell wall screen, bolted to a solid wall or hung on the top of the cell wall rail. The 5-gal.… Continued

Lincoln Electric introduces teaching aid

lincoln electric teaching aid toolbox

The Lincoln Electric Co.’s Teaching Aid Toolbox contains a number of visual aids for use in the classroom. The mobile cabinet helps bring the curriculum typically associated with the shop setting into the classroom setting. The toolbox is fully supported with the U/LINC curriculum. Also included are the Cutaway Harris gas regulator and oxyfuel torch to allow… Continued

Rockford Systems announces 2018 schedule

welding school

Rockford Systems LLC offers a comprehensive 2018 seminar schedule, from understanding how to properly safeguard machinery for meeting OSHA/ANSI standards to a discussion on how to incorporate ergonomics into safeguarding methods. The educational seminars give attendees practical, actionable ideas to use in their own operations. Leaving the classroom for the plant floor, attendees will also… Continued

Arcweld Industries wins award

Arcweld Industries Inc. won the Urban Employer of the Year award in recognition of its commitment to apprenticeship and workforce development from Apprentice Manitoba. Arcweld Industries is a full-service construction company specializing in on-site welding, structural steel and miscellaneous metal erection. The company has been a major contributor to building and development of Manitoba’s landscape… Continued

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