Meet the new plasma

Set 6 - Stainless Steel

When provided with a new definition of high-definition plasma, fabricators quickly see the technology’s benefits

Where the buffalo roam

While the animals might not migrate at the Buffalo Zoo, a portable plasma system allows the workers to easily move about

Small giants


All the ways compact plasma cutters offer big benefits in the shop and out in the field

Clean sweep

cleaning up plasma welding scrap

Taking a new approach to plasma table cleaning and maintenance can improve productivity and uptime

Plasma vs. oxyfuel

plasma versus oxyfuel

Comparing the cost, safety and productivity benefits of plasma and oxyfuel helps companies determine which cutting method to use

Buffalo billion

NY Fabrication

Bringing jobs back to western New York, specifically Buffalo, is a major priority for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. He’s committed $1 billion to making the area a hub for advanced manufacturing and renewable energy. His plan – known as the Buffalo Billion initiative – is one of the largest, and some say most ambitious,… Continued

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