New Welding Products – January 2016

NEW SUBMERGED ARC ELECTRODE RESISTS CORROSION Select-Arc Inc. introduces SelectWear 410NiMo-S hard surfacing martensitic stainless steel wire. The wire is a tubular submerged arc welding electrode that produces a tough, abrasion-resistant deposit that has good corrosion and thermal fatigue resistance. Available in 3/32-in., 7/64-in. and 1/8-in. diameters, SelectWear 410NiMo-S is utilized in such critical hardsurfacing applications as pinch rolls,… Continued

Welding News January 2016

YASKAWA NAMES NEW PERSONNEL Yaskawa Motoman hired Scott Jenkins (right) as vice president of North American sales and marketing. Jenkins was formerly senior vice president of sales and marketing for ITW Welding Group. Doug Burnside (left) was promoted to vice president of customer satisfaction. Burnside has been with the company for 10 years. Doug Schenher… Continued

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