New Products

Blackbird introduces scan solution for weld seams


Blackbird Robotersysteme GmbH offers a new scan solution prototype with integrated distance sensor. The system detects and measures 3-D laser weld seam topographies in high resolution. It has integrated optical coherence tomography (OCT)-based edge tracking and seam topology measurement. In contrast to other sensors or measurement methods, this OCT-based distance measuring offers full flexibility by… Continued

Rockford Systems offers finger sensing probe

Rockford Detect a Finger

Rockford Systems LLC’s Detect-A-Finger drop-probe device prevents welders and other small machines from cycling if it encounters fingers in the point-of-operation area. When an operator initiates a machine cycle, the sensing probe is released, ensuring that safeguarding cannot be deactivated or overlooked. If the probe detects more than the expected material thickness, it halts the… Continued

Victor offers field-repairable torch


  Victor, an ESAB brand, introduced the Victor Plus Torch, a heavy-duty, high-capacity combination torch. The WH 315FC+ handle incorporates built-in flashback arrestors and reverse-flow check valves, but its design enables higher gas flow capacity. It can run up to a size #15 MFA heating nozzle where the standard 315 handle can run up to… Continued

Walter’s weld cleaning system

Walter Surface Technologies Inc. launched the Surfox 205 and Surfox Mini TIG and spot weld cleaning systems. The Surfox 205 uses an electrochemical process to clean and passivate spot and TIG welds on stainless steel, aluminum and titanium. The machine replaces manual operations, such as mechanical abrasion or hazardous solutions like pickling paste. The Surfox… Continued

American Weldquip introduces cool grip torch

Weldquip Cool Grip

American Weldquip’s new Cool-Grip semi-automatic MIG welding torch increases welder comfort levels by providing relief from high temperatures in the handle when welding in higher heat applications. This allows for cooler operation by inhibiting the transfer of heat that is generated at the welding arc and pulled back into the handle area by way of… Continued

Scanlab’s scan head for laser cutting and welding


Scanlab GmbH developed WelDyna, a scan head for oscillating laser beam cutting and welding. Considerable process benefits are gained by welding and cutting with high-frequency beam oscillation, particularly in macro material processing of larger components. For example, thick metal sheets and fiber-reinforced plastics can be cut more quickly and cleanly. Designed for multi-kilowatt lasers of… Continued

Hexagon releases software for robot calibration


Hexagon Mfg. Intelligence’s new RoboDyn software package works in conjunction with a Leica Absolute Tracker to allow for the direct calculation of robot characteristics, such as base and tool alignments and full DH parameters. The software’s calibration module provides a fast and intuitive process for aligning the robot with the laser tracker and then calibrating the robot’s kinematic… Continued

Metabo launches 2017/2018 catalog

Metabo 2017/2018 cover

Metabo Corp. launched its updated 2017/2018 Power Tools and Accessories Catalog. The catalog features detailed specifications for metalworking, cordless, and concrete and masonry dustless solutions as well as woodworking tools and accessories. It also incorporates QR codes that link directly to new product videos and a reference guide with key safety icons to make it… Continued

HFT offers shields for inert gas coverage

HFT shield trail

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques released a range of Weld Trailing Shields for extended inert gas coverage during titanium and stainless steel welding to prevent oxidation. The lightweight tools can be easily maneuvered around the pipe joint during welding and are connected to an argon gas source with extra argon flooding and covering the heat-affected zone next… Continued

AIM Inc. releases butt welder

AIM butt welding

Automated Industrial Machinery Inc. released a new standalone product for wire welding. The BW series consists of butt welders from 40 KVA to 150 KVA (for up to 16 mm or 5/8 in.) with AC or mid-frequency inverter. Models feature fully automatic welding control with multiple schedules capability and heavy-duty, high-precision guides provide accurate and… Continued

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