New Products

HFT offers shields for inert gas coverage

HFT shield trail

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques released a range of Weld Trailing Shields for extended inert gas coverage during titanium and stainless steel welding to prevent oxidation. The lightweight tools can be easily maneuvered around the pipe joint during welding and are connected to an argon gas source with extra argon flooding and covering the heat-affected zone next… Continued

AIM Inc. releases butt welder

AIM butt welding

Automated Industrial Machinery Inc. released a new standalone product for wire welding. The BW series consists of butt welders from 40 KVA to 150 KVA (for up to 16 mm or 5/8 in.) with AC or mid-frequency inverter. Models feature fully automatic welding control with multiple schedules capability and heavy-duty, high-precision guides provide accurate and… Continued

CLOOS compact welding cells

The Claassen Group began operating two new QIROX QR-CC-4.1 compact cells from CLOOS for the welding of small components. The cells are equipped with the new QIROX QRH-280 welding robot. All robot and positioner axes are fully synchronized, and the maximum clamping length is 1,200 mm and maximum carrying load is 250 kg per side.… Continued

Koike to show welding carriage at Fabtech

koike ronson

Koike Aronson Inc. will exhibit its Wel-Handy Mini Strong compact mechanized welding carriage at Fabtech 2017. The machine is a smaller version of Koike’s popular Wel-Handy Multi welding carriage and performs high-quality, mechanized fillet joint welding without track. The unit’s all-wheel drive, magnetic force traction provides good pulling power and constant speeds on horizontal and… Continued

Postle’s new hardfacing wire

Postle Postalloy

Postle Industries Inc. introduced Vanguard PS150, a vanadium-tungsten carbide hardfacing alloy available as an open-arc welding wire. The tubular, metal-cored wire provides a dense, heterogeneous deposit of vanadium-tungsten carbides for a good combination of abrasion and impact resistance. The composition of the alloy provides a uniform distribution of vanadium-tungsten carbides throughout a tough steel matrix… Continued

Burs for weld dressing from Pferd

pferd 115b

Pferd Inc.’s Titanium cut burs are for machining hard titanium alloys (with tensile strength greater than 500 N/mm2). They are suitable for electric or pneumatic straight grinders and automated equipment. Applications include weld dressing and contouring. The burs have a recommended cutting speed range of 850 to 1,500 SFPM. They are available in cutting head… Continued

Magnetech’s head for fusion welding

magnatech m500

Magnatech LLC introduced the model M500 head for fusion welding tubes and fittings. The ultralow-profile head is for welding fittings and components with minimal straight extensions as short as 0.25 in. It covers sizes 0.125 in. to 0.500 in. using interchangeable, size-specific cartridge assemblies. Alternatively, cartridges using interchangeable collets (tube clamp inserts) provide size range… Continued

Tweco offers consumables for MIG guns

tweco mig guns

Classic Numbered Series MIG guns from Tweco, an ESAB brand, are now available with Velocity consumables. These consumables feature gas ported contact tips that keep the tip 30 percent cooler. They have threadless, drop-in style contact tips and integrate the contact tip seating area directly into the conductor tube. The shielding gas flows from the… Continued

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