New Products

HFT updates weld purge monitor

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques launched an updated hand-held PurgEye 200 weld purge monitor, now with PurgeNet. The portable device has an organic light emitting diode display for brighter, clearer and sharper readings. The monitor can operate from long life rechargeable batteries or mains power. Along with louder, presettable audio alarms for rising or falling oxygen levels,… Continued

Advanced Glovebox Systems from Inert

Taking advantage of its partnership with Siemens, Inert offers the PureLab HE 4GB 2500 glovebox system. The four-glove (or two-station) system is employed for device assembly, welding, and 3-D printing procedures. The space requirements are 10 ft. wide by 6 ft. tall by 3 1/2 ft. deep, and the internal work space is approximately 8… Continued

Ceramic grinding discs from Rex-Cut

The Advantage grinding disc series, from Rex-Cut Abrasives, is for stainless steel and carbon steel, weld bead removal, surface grinding, deburring, chamfering and beveling. They are available in 4 1/2-in. and 5-in. disc sizes in 36 grit for fast stock removal, and 50 grit for a more refined surface finish. The ceramic grain and special… Continued

Electronic weld head from Amada Miyachi

Amada Miyachi America Inc. released the Series 300 electronic weld head for miniature parts welding. The weld head enables up to three welds per second, with programmable force and weld positions, excellent force and position repeatability, and displacement monitoring. Comprised of a newly redesigned linear magnetic force actuator and a microprocessor-based electronic control, the head… Continued

Camfil offers dust collector for welding

Camfil APC offers the Zephyr III portable dust collector for facilities that perform maintenance welding or intermittent production welding. The plug-and-play collector captures airborne particles including welding/soldering fumes, grinding dusts and dry dusts. The three-stage filtration system includes a primary spark trap, a Gold Cone HemiPleat filter and a carbon after filter. With an adjustable,… Continued

BorNiGuard’s ceramic anti-spatter

Reduce consumables and downtime while improving quality with BorNiGuard’s new ceramic coating technology. The ceramic anti-spatter dries quickly to a durable coating that resists spatter more effectively than traditional oil and gels. The anti-spatter spray extends the life of cutting and welding tips by two times the amount of gels and oils and reduces machine… Continued

Semi-flexible grinding discs from Pferd

Pferd Inc. offers CC-Grind-Flex semi-flexible grinding discs that blend weld seams on large surfaces without leaving dents or bumps typical of a rough grinding wheel or fiber disc. This is due to the disc design that integrates a layered fiberglass backer with a high-performance coated abrasive. The geometry of the cooling slits ensures high air… Continued

Bug-O names director of sales and marketing

Bug-O Systems announced Scott Thayer joined the company as director of sales and marketing. Thayer brings nearly 30 years of experience in the welding industry and already has a strong knowledge of the company’s products. In addition to his sales experience, he is a certified welding inspector as well as a certified welding educator.

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